Training for inclusion at URV. The #INWORK project trains trainers and professional staff.

Motivations of the participants:

Thirty-two participants, including teaching and technical staff from the URV, are being trained these days in work-integrated learning for students with special needs.

Among the participating teachers we find a wide variety of profiles and experiences. Many teachers, already familiar with students with special needs, are looking to broaden their knowledge. Some have expressed the need for more information and resources from the institution. Others have recently encountered specific cases and are personally motivated by our training. We also have teachers who are coordinators of external internship subjects.

Teaching quality is the central concern of the technical staff involved in the course. Teaching quality and digital accessibility technicians, as well as staff from student services and the social engagement office, have joined the course to better integrate and cater for students with needs.

Outcomes and collaborations:

The training has been carried out in collaboration with the URV’s Institute of Education Sciences, the URV’s Human Resources service, and the Social and Business Research Lab research group. This has enabled the effective dissemination of the In-Work Project, reaching 2,085 teachers and 699 members of URV administrative staff.

Strategic impact:

Following discussions with Dr Montessat Pinent, Vice-Rector for Teaching and Student Projects, the course will be integrated into the URV’s new Strategic Teaching Plan. This means that the #InWork Project course will be an essential part of the professional development of our teaching and technical staff – its sustainability is guaranteed!

An inclusive future:

This initiative reaffirms our commitment to inclusion and accessibility in education.We are proud to contribute to a learning model adapted to all needs.