The IN-WORK Research Report is Out!

The IN-WORK consortium is thrilled to announce that the 1st phase of the project has been completed and that the identified findings are now available in the research report “Needs, resources, obstacles and opportunities for youths with special needs in insertion to work.

This comprehensive study explores the challenges and prospects faced by young people with special needs as they transition into the workforce. The report represents the culmination of collaborative efforts from the partners countries Finland , Italy and Spain, and its findings will serve as the basis to tailor the IN-WORK project pilots to each of these countries.

Reseach Design

Desk Research
Our research journey began with an extensive desk research phase, which involved a comprehensive literature review. The desk research aimed to collect data on:
a) Success factors and obstacles in accessing employment for youths with special needs.
b) Legal frameworks related to work insertion, education, and special needs.
c) Educational provisions in higher education (HE) focused on the transition to work for youths with special needs, both enrolled in HE and not.

Field Research
Our field research phase took a holistic approach by collecting data from various perspectives and target groups, representing the main stakeholders of the IN-WORK project. Our field research aimed to identify the obstacles and enabling factors for job insertion of people with special needs.


This report advocates for the implementation of fair and accessible work environment internships for people with special needs, emphasizing the importance of inclusive communities with clear values, policies, and practices. It aims to lay the foundation for methodological guidelines to facilitate the design and implementation of work-integrated learning (WIL) activities, involving stakeholders throughout the process and promoting joint development and integration of practices into organizations.

How to access this report

We believe that this report holds valuable insights for educators, policymakers, employers, and all those interested in improving the work insertion process for youths with special needs. To access the full report, click here.