IN-WORK Project Dissemination Day

Sílvia Alcoverro, a social worker and student of the Master in Innovation of Social and Educational Intervention at the URV, together with Pau Palau, research support staff at the URV, have presented the project. This pilot project, driven by the European Union, is the result of collaboration among UNIMC (Italy), EUCEN (Belgium), JAMK, and URV (Catalonia).

Our goal is to improve the job inclusion of students with special needs. Through the use of an innovative methodology based on integrated work learning, the project seeks to break down the barriers and social prejudices that hinder their access to the job market. At URV, we offer entrepreneurship projects, simulated business, and internships.

A distinctive element of the project is its ability to provide an enriching experience for both students and teaching staff, as highlighted by Sílvia Alcoverro herself. Her presence and support in the project have contributed to creating a shared learning environment that promotes personal and professional growth.

Pau Palau emphasized how the In-Work Project also benefits non-university students, through collaboration with IFE Cal·lípolis to organize integrated work learning activities. As a result of this learning and service activity, the First URV Inclusive Sports Day was born, an event that promotes inclusion through sport and will feature the participation of more than 100 participants registered from different educational centers, it demonstrates a notable level of engagement and support within the educational community.

Today’s dissemination event also featured the presence of Mònica Boladeres, founder of Rubikids, and Jesús Cayela de Aguilera from the Educational Entity Viu Lleure. We thank them for their availability and the time they have dedicated to sharing their experience as trainers.