1st Inclusive Sports Conference at URV Earns Praise from Participants

During the months of February to April, a group of 16 students from the IFE of the Cal·lípolis Institute have participated in the pilot test of the In-Work Project aimed at non-university students. As part of an integrated learning experience, the students have designed and organized the 1st Inclusive Sports Conference at the URV. This day was held on April 19 in the URV sports pavilion and has had more than 100 participants from the IFE of the Domènech i Montaner Institute in Reus, the IFE of the Andreu Nin Institute in El Vendrell and the Onada Foundation occupational center.

The statements of the organizing students of the Conference show the positive impact that it has had both at a personal level and in its vision on the importance of inclusion in sport. For Marc, “the URV’s day was an enriching experience. We have learned to organize activities taking into account specific needs, such as the decision about food for a companion with Prader-Willi syndrome”. The experience has allowed Jan, Xavier and Anna to “learn and contribute” and “develop new skills and grow as a person.” In the same vein, Raba has expressed: “Participating in the day has been rewarding. We have helped to improve the facilities for people with disabilities.”

Edgar highlighted the pioneering nature of the day and the need for it to double in other universities. Inclusive sport must gain visibility and, “this day is an excellent opportunity to show that everyone has the right to practice sports and enjoy their passions without limitations”, as Arnau reminds us. Papi also agrees that “it is important to organize these events to promote inclusion and to do sport is a positive experience for everyone.”

This Conference, as part of the In-Work Project, is an innovative initiative. The combination of education with practical experience allows students to apply theoretical knowledge in a professional environment and develop key skills for their future work.